SHB logo graphic.pngStrategic Business Planning

Phase I of the planning process includes:

  • Meeting with the planning team leaders to confirm the scope of the project
  • A series of individual interviews with members of the planning team and other key administrative, professional and medical staff who are interested in the project
  • Collection and review of women's and children's service information, including any available market research, utilization data, financial data, demographic projections and competitive analysis
  • A half-day 'retreat' with the planning team to discuss the vision, goals, market positioning and brand elements and strategic and marketing initiatives necessary to reach the stated vision and goals

Phase II includes a second 2-3 hour 'retreat' where the strategic and marketing initiatives are reviewed and revised and buy-in is confirmed. In addition to guiding the process, the consultants provide recommendations for the planning group's consideration regarding the best competitive positioning, service and program options for growth and other goals defined by the hospital.

  • Deliverables include a written report with:
  • Cumulative results of the assessment
  • A SWOT analysis of your existing services
  • Identification of the gaps in services and opportunities for improvement
  • Review of national trends and benchmarks of successful programs in women's and children's services
  • Review of basic demographics and market share analysis
  • Discussion of the current payer market/trends
  • An implementation plan with assigned resources and a timetable for implementation