SHB logo graphic.pngSpecialty Services

Additionally, we have developed products that have been very effective in assisting hospitals and health systems make educated, data-driven, and cost conscious decisions. Our innovative programs have helped position them with uniqueness in their community. Some of these products include:

A Multi-media Midlife Wellness Program

This program is designed with special emphasis educating the women in the community, physicians in the community, and training the trainers, so that the program can be easily reproduced by the hospital/system to address the growing waves of concerns of the Baby Boom generation.

Trend and Benchmark Day

Depending on your particular area of interest (e.g., obstetrics, infertility, midlife wellness, NICU, inpatient and outpatient pediatrics, etc.), we will spend the day with your planning team to review the national trends in these areas and present benchmark information on those aspects that you need to target in your facility/system.

Women’s Specialty Boutique

We can work with your planning team to determine the feasibility of developing a boutique with products that meet the special healthcare needs of women (e.g., breast prosthesis, wigs and turbans, special bras, girdles and support stockings, lactation products, etc.) in your market.