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Why are US women not having babies?

Historical PEW research has shown a direct correlation between low unemployment/good economy and birth rates. Why is that not holding for the current generation of childbearing age women? A research study by Morning Consult for The New York Times found out that women are not having babies because raising children is too expensive, they want more leisure time and more personal freedom, and prefer a partner before becoming a parent, among other reasons. Cost concerns and the lack of decent family leave do not provide confidence to have children.

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Research - Linking oil and coal plant pollution to pre-term births

California closed eight oil and coal-fueled electric plants and reduced pollution. After the closing, research showed a sizeable decrease in pre-term births among women living in the area. Those closest to the plants had the greatest drop (3 miles or less) from 7% to 5.1% decline. Researchers compared pre-term birth rates around eight power plants that had not closed and found no differences for the same 10 year period. Scientists have long know that oil and coal emit tiny pollution particles that penetrate lungs and bloodstream, and this study adds to a larger body of research showing the implications.

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US Experiences Lowest Birth Rate in 30 Years

The US hit the lowest number of births since 1987, according to a federal report that was mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. The number of babies dropped 2% from 2016 to 2017. Many women seemed to start delaying childbirth when the economy tanked in 2007-2009, but delays have not reversed as the economy has been improving during the past decade.

Fewer teen births is a good thing, but not declining births, along with declining young immigrants. This situation has serious repercussions given that an aging population needs to be supported by younger generations.


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Kangaroo Care Day May 15th!

No, it’s not just for Aussies! Join the movement and advocate for the right of every newborn (preemie, full term, healthy or sick) to be held skin-to-skin and celebrate Kangaroo Care Day on May 15th!  The research on the value to the newborn’s well-being is compelling.

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US News about Women's Health for the Vulnerable

The Sad News

Past rules to release immigrants from incarceration when due to being undocumented have been reversed for women who are pregnant in their first two trimesters, even if victims of rape and gender based violence, according to a new executive order.

The “Breast Cancer” website and related pages were removed from the government website - the Office Of Women’s Health. No explanation for pulling back on women’s health information and resources was provided. 

The Good News

The rate of uninsured women ages 19-64 decreased by nearly half from 2010 to 2016.

ACA coverage of mammography without co-pay was extended as of March 23, 2018, a move applauded by health professionals and women’s advocates. Research showed a reduction in breast cancer deaths and increased screening given better coverage.

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