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Study Links Racism and Maternal Death

While Medicaid expansion improved maternal health statistics in Louisiana, race disparities in preventable maternal deaths are still astounding. Rebekah Gee, MD, Louisana Secretary of the Department of health spoke at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) Annual Meeting in TN and reported: 

“In the United States, four black women die for every white woman. This plays out in the data we see here in Louisiana”. According to a Medscape article…”when her department examined the difference in maternal deaths deemed to be preventable in white and black women, the difference was staggering: 9% vs 59%.”

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Most Maternal Mortality is Preventable?!

According to a CDC study, almost 60% of pregnancy-related deaths were preventable. A high national rate of death in the US could improve with better access to care and more timely intervention for problems such as maternal cardiac conditions, hemorrhage and infections (~700 US women die per year). Some pregnancy related deaths can occur up to a year after birth. Calls to action are being made throughout the US, with the State of California citing measurable progress.

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Honoring Nurses!

Happy Nurses Week. Heartfelt appreciation to the many caring nurses for all you do.

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Measles continue to make big comeback after elimination in 2000

Unvaccinated people in the US and international travelers have caused a measles outbreak in the US. Measles complications can result in death, making the resurgence a serious concern.  Why did Missouri, Indiana, and Colorado have the lowest vaccination rates in the US, according to a CDC study? Is it due to lack of education, limited access or misinformation? The CDC and others are sending out the request for practitioners in these states and throughout the world to provide strong recommendations for vaccinations to help avert an epidemic.

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Future Women's Disease Detector - A Tampon?

Diagnose endometriosis or estimate the number of viable eggs from blood and cells drawn from a tampon? Maybe not yet, but entrepreneurial women have been working on it for several years. Applying technology to do noninvasive tests for women’s specific health needs is likely to be a future trend, along with similar  technology applications for women’s health. Frost and Sullivan, a market research firm, predicts that femtech (a term being applied to these types of efforts) will be a $50 billion industry by 2025.

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