SHB logo graphic.pngOperations Improvement

The first step is to conduct a brief series of individual interviews with key members of your team, including key administrative, professional, and medical staff who are interested in the success of women and children’s services. The focus is on analysis of existing efforts and recommendations for development of an integrated, efficient system of care delivery.

The process includes extensive examination of current operations, savoring what is appropriate and recommending improvements in practices and resource utilization patterns that are inappropriate, too costly, and/or resource intensive. The outcome will support a balance of quality, community needs, customer satisfaction, and costs. The simulation modeling tool will be utilized in the analysis.

In addition, information regarding resources for additional analysis and change related to key recommendations will be furnished (e.g., articles, benchmarks, and contacts at other hospitals/physician practices).

The final product includes recommendations for operational and resource utilization improvement, strategies to achieve those recommendations, and a suggested timetable for implementation. The details of the work are customized and adjusted as the process evolves.